Club Presentation Night 2015

We held our first annual Club Presentation Night on Saturday, 13/6/15

The winners of each category were:

Women's Most Improved Player: Amanda Brigham

Women's 2nd Team Player: Megan Precious

Women's 1st Team Player: Rachael Webster

Women's Overall Team player: Rachael Webster

Men's 6th Team Player: Mal Bruce

Men's 5th Team Player: Dave Bullivant

Men's 4th Team Player: Harry Clapham

Men's 3rd Team Player: Jonny Hick

Men's 2nd Team Player: Angus Clapham

Men's 1st Team Player: Ian Tooms

Yorkshire Team Player: Jack Unsworth

Men's Most Improved Player: Harry Clapham

Men's Overall Team Player: Ian Tooms

Thanks to everyone who supported the event and of course to everyone who was involved in both running & playing in our squash teams this last season.