Online Booking System Goes Live

The link to the online booking is as follows:

Your username is:    First 3 letters of your first name followed by the first 3 letters of your second name, e.g. davhic

Your initial password is: Password

The first time you login it will ask you to change your password. Choose a memorable password as it takes a while to reset and has to be done manually by someone with administrator access. I do not think that it is case sensitive.

We have not put the link on the website yet because of the connection problem we have been having. This should be resolved early next week.

I do not know why yet but it seems to automatically put two characters in the update password areas. I deleted them and typed in the password I wanted. This seemed to work. 

Remember that the cancellation period is 48 hours. If you cancel within that period you will be charged unless someone books the court.

If you have a problem give me a call.

There have been some problems with members being charged a guest fee of £2. It seems that this has been set up even though we do not want it at the moment. It is doing this if the same person who booked the courts then turns the lights on. I have a record of who this has happened to. I will credit their accounts and e-mail them to explain what has happened. I am hoping to have this corrected in the next few days.

David Hick