Squash Handicap Competition Draw

The Handicap competition starts on Monday 5th March at 7.20pm. A really interesting fortnight of squash battles with both players often crawling off court after 20 minutes non stop squash!

Top half of the draw

Bottom half of draw

Could all players acknowledge the fact that they have seen their start time by ticking the order of play sheet on the club notice board or emailing Nick Clifford
([email protected])

The entry fee of £3 is now due, even if a player withdraws through injury as all the courts have been booked out for this competition of 43 players.

On each night of the  competition, please offer to mark one game or time keep a game, this will help the nights go to schedule.

Please do not be late as timings of matches have no leeway.

20 minutes American scoring
Time is shouted down to players after 10 mins, 15 mins & 18 mins- marker should ensure both players have heard the call.
Stop is shouted at time unless the points score is level and time is called at the end of the rally
No watches are allowed on court
Play is continuous
Organisers reserve the right to adjust the player’s handicap after their first round in the event of an obvious handicapping error.
If a player cannot play in the next round of the main or plate tournament & has to withdraw, then he/she can have a word with the marker who will inform the player with 15 seconds to go and he can concede the match if he/she is winning to allow the other player to go through.

Have a great competition


Nick Clifford & Mark Davies